Why You Need a Wedding Planner

5 Jan

I’ll be honest, when I was a bride-to-be, I didn’t even consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator for my wedding. Like everyone else I knew who had been married, I relied on family and friends pitching in to get things done and on myself to get the bridal party and family at the right place at the right time. While this did not end in disaster or remotely close to it, I look back on the logistics of the day and often wish that I had someone (apart from family & friends) to make sure things were in order on the day-of.

Keely Joy Photography

I remember sitting at the reception and panicking because I didn’t know if the cakes had been delivered and friends trying to manage the iPod playlist that played while our band was on a break. Thankfully, I also remember the really good parts of the day. But, I learned personally the importance of having a planner, or at least day-of coordinator, involved on your wedding day.

So, you might be wondering what does a wedding planner or coordinator do? Here are some of the most important things I do as a planner to help the bride and groom sit back and enjoy their day.

  • I help you find vendors to fit your budget and availability.
  • I create custom inspiration boards based on your style and venue choices.
  • I create custom time lines for the day of and distribute to family members, bridal party and vendors.
  • I coordinate your rehearsal.
  • I organize the wedding party on the day of, seeing to it that bridesmaids have kleenex and groomsmen are on time.
  • I work with your vendors to make sure that everything is on time.
  • I oversee the entire wedding day including all the important details.

This is an overview of some of the things included in wedding planning. Hiring a planner allows you to breathe easy the whole day, knowing that all the tasks are being done and that you don’t have to keep track. As a bride and groom, this is your day to enjoy each other and everyone that has come to celebrate with you. Let your family and friends enjoy the day, too! They probably don’t really want to be lighting candles before the reception or hauling gifts out in the middle of the reception. Just like a photographer and a fabulous dress, planners should be part of the budget when you start planning. You’ll thank yourself later!


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