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{1.5.12} Friday Like List

6 Jan

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Why You Need a Wedding Planner

5 Jan

I’ll be honest, when I was a bride-to-be, I didn’t even consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator for my wedding. Like everyone else I knew who had been married, I relied on family and friends pitching in to get things done and on myself to get the bridal party and family at the right place at the right time. While this did not end in disaster or remotely close to it, I look back on the logistics of the day and often wish that I had someone (apart from family & friends) to make sure things were in order on the day-of.

Keely Joy Photography

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{Friday Like List} 12.9.11

9 Dec

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{Wedding Design} Chalk It Up

30 Nov

Chalkboards are definitely an up and coming trend in weddings. The chalkboard look is becoming more popular in home design, as well – just like the inspiration mantle from The Lettered Cottage. For DIY projects, you can pick up a can of Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint to paint on inexpensive plywood for your seating charts, welcome signs or decor around your reception. Continue reading

{Wedding Dresses} Making a Comeback

21 Nov

One of my favorite things about wedding dresses are the backs of the dresses. An opportunity for brides to showcase their style to guests during the ceremony, a dress can really hit the wow factor with an amazing back. Continue reading

{Destination Wedding} Lake Superior’s North Shore

16 Nov

Last winter, I spent some time in Northern California. While I was there, I did some serious exploring and loved every minute of it. By far, the best part was Big Sur, with amazing views at every hairpin turn on Highway 1 (above).

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{Wedding Reception Style} Twinkle Lights

11 Nov

Lighting makes a world of difference in a ceremony or reception space, but is often an item that is overlooked, except for the usual votive candles. This is a huge element of the ambiance of a space and something to consider, just like flowers and music, when setting a budget. Including lighting into your decor budget will allow for some flexibility and creativity for how to best light your space for an evening affair. Continue reading